falling uphill

FALLING UPHILL is a feature that speaks to our generation of twenty
somethings going through a “quarter life crisis” - no job, no direction,
unfulfilled dreams, and no place to go.

During December & January, Blue Creek Pictures, along with some of
the bay area's industry pros came together to tell the story of FALLING
UPHILL. Over the course of 16 days our skilled team shot over 40
locations throughout San Francisco, bringing a vivid and intimate
look to one of the most beautiful cities in the US.

We are currently in post-production and getting ready for the 2012
film festival season.

Robert asks Jenny, a girl he found on Craigslist, to be his
new roommate. Now after a year of living together, he finds himself falling
in love with her, but his ability to keep afloat in San Francisco is coming to
an end. With a lame job and not enough income, he has no choice but to
move back with his parents in Rochester, NY. With only three days until his
flight home, Robert struggles to tell Jenny his true feelings and to determine
what direction his life is headed.